Neck fracture from motor vehicle accident

Neck pain, tingling from neck to arms & wrist. 29 years of pain and suffering. Nothing has helped. Done everything under the sun except acupuncture. Chiropractic and acupuncture shall be utilized. Maybe a different approach from the others, who knows. OOO man what a booger… ! Lets go!

Skin Ulcer That Won’t Heal

Had a pt come in for back pain. I had asked about an ulcer on their forearm April 2022. Patient said it has been a few years and it has never healed no matter what they applied or what was prescribed. The surrounding edges are always wet and skin is wet and glistened under ceiling lights. I gave them some herbal ointment and the ulcer was able to completely heal.

Foot Ulcer That Won’t Heal

Patient came in for back pain and I asked why is there a Band-Aid on their big toe all the time. Patient said they had an operation on that toe for a growth and after the procedure, there was a small hole the size of a pin head that developed afterwards (infection from procedure). They have been babying the toe for 3 years and was not able to walk comfortable or even play golf with their buddies without pain. I gave them some herbal tea to soak in twice a day. It’s healing quite nicely. You can see there is a crater about 1/2″ deep and 9/16″ wide. The ulcer ate it’s way into healthy flesh and created a home for itself.

April 11, 2022

May 27, 2022. Healing beautifully. The inside ulcer pit leveled itself out and now it’s a flat crater. Patients been playing gulf for weeks prior to this update. They are just ecstatic!

IVF implantation – transfer care

If you are going through an in vitro fertilization procedure and want to make sure your package is safe and sound, try acupuncture. Great success is found when utilizing acupuncture and IVF. Only 6 needles on your leg are used – none on your belly (belly points will reduce success during the transfer/implantation).

Take care not to do anything strenuous (lifting), cardio etc. Take lots of breaks, and avoid stressful situations. Self love.