Acupuncture Services

IF YOU ARE A VETERAN, please contact veteran affairs and ask to be seen by our office. All services are covered under your veterans status.

Please show up for your first consult + service appointment. No SHOW = your last and only appointment.

Purchase In BULK to SAVE.
5 sessions $300 Special ($60per session with consult) New Patients Only

8 sessions (1 month) $496 ($62 per session)

24 sessions (3 month) $1392 ($58 per session)

One TREATMENT = 8 sessions @ 2 sessions per week.

Consultation fee: $35 (one time fee) + Service.
Consultation fee: $65 30mins + no service
One session $65 + Consultation($35): $100
Cupping: $65

Acupuncture can benefit
-Carpal tunnel
-Neck Pain
-Wrist Pain
-Shoulder Pain
-Back Pain
-Knee Pain
-Ankle Pain
-Sports injuries
-Fatigue syndrome
-Hormonal imbalances
-Digestion issues
-Hair loss (alopecia)
-Restless Leg Syndrome

…And MUCH more!


Those who are in pain, prioritize pain beyond monetary means; thus able to heal.

Acupuncture should be done twice a week. Missing more than two weeks of acupuncture during treatment of chronic conditions, will set your results back (virtually starting over from square one).

1. Will the pain completely resolve after my first acupuncture session?

Patients who are expecting complete resolution of pain within their first session of acupuncture, are mislead. Acupuncture takes time. You can’t expect years of chronic pain to go away with one session. Exercise, change of diet, and possibly herbal supplements need to be taken into consideration as well.

2. I heard acupuncture is painless?

Yes and No. Acupuncture, for the most part, is painless. For some points on the body, you will have some discomfort. Some patients are more sensitive than others and will perceive the needle insertions far more differently.

3. Do you offer electric or infrared acupuncture for patients who are discouraged by pain of conventional acupuncture?


4. How long is an acupuncture session?

30mins-60mins. Depending on the chronicity of the pain and what we are treating, sessions are timed accordingly. Generally 30mins for each session is standard.

5. How many or how often should I receive acupuncture?

Twice a week for the first month (4 weeks) is standard at our office. Depending on chronicity of issues in questioned, it may be more and it may be longer than one month.

6. Can Acupuncture be used for cancer patients?

Acupuncture can be a great adjunct for patients who are going through chemotherapy. Acupuncture therapy can help alleviate some of the adverse side effects of chemotherapy and having you recover sooner than normal.

7. I have sciatica and the pain travels down to my butt and thighs. How long will the treatment take?

8 sessions is our standard treatment (one month). Sciatica didn’t happen yesterday; it took a decade if not more to have disk and facet issues to push on your nerve(s) and cause discomfort. Some are muscular but the chronic problematic patients are disk and facet issues. If you have true sciatica, you will need to spend some time with our office; 3 session special won’t do any good for you.

8. I have carpal tunnel – what can acupuncture do for me?

Lots. Acupuncture can help heal your wrist issues but it’s not going to be a few sessions. Think of a few months (2-3) – you don’t like the honesty? Carpal tunnel wasn’t borne yesterday; it’s from bad habits and using a $10 keyboard or simply overuse with bad technique for years on end. If you don’t invest in yourself, how will you heal?

9. What are some difficult conditions you most commonly see at the office?

Sciatica, Carpal tunnel, and bone on bone pain (chronic arthritis). It’s not that acupuncture isn’t helpful; it’s individuals not wanting to invest in themselves and put forth time and the money to heal themselves naturally. The second would be shoulder and knee pain. We treat a lot of shoulder and knee pain patients but some can be quite difficult b/c of severity.

10. What’s a secondary condition that is difficult to treat?

Hypoesthesia and paresthesia. Pain is easily treated but if it’s chronic (age comes into play with this) facet/disk issues, numbness-tingling-burning sensation is what’s difficult to treat. Takes a long time to treat – are you willing to invest? If not, you’re not helping yourself any.