Herbal Remedies

Herbal Remedies (some of our popular teas) ~Herbal supplements have not been medically evaluated~

Two Options: Pick up or Delivery. There is no longer hand delivery. Don’t ask. Call Us, not the referring office.

Shipping if needed $12

Diabetes $99

Ear Drops $65

Female Health $99

High Blood Pressure Tea $99

High Cholesterol Tea $99

Kidney/Gall Stones Tea $99

Kidney Health Tea $99

Liver Dysfunction Tea $99

Osteoporosis Powder supply $99

Prostate Powder supply $99

Sinus Infection Drops $65

Sperm Motility Powder supply $99

Tissue-Bone Healing Ointment 2oz $25

Tissue-Bone Healing Ointment 16oz $65

~Herbal supplements have not been medically evaluated~

Ear Drops. Used to reduce pain in the ear, reduce tinnitus discomfort, help clear ear congestion.

Female Health.

  • Blood flow to pelvic region (female organs)
  • Physical Stamina and Energy
  • Libo & Sexual Desire
  • Satisfaction & Lubrication
  • Decrease Hot Flashes

High Blood Pressure.

High Cholesterol.

Kidney/Gall Stone Tea. Reduce pain because of kidney/gall bladder stones.

Kidney Health – Improved kidney-bladder function. Lowers GFR. GFR Below 60 = diseased. 30 borderline stage 4 kidney failure. 15 = kidney failure.

Liver Dysfunction Tea

  • Protect Liver/Gallbladder from pharmaceuticals
  • Strengthen and heals weak and overworked liver
  • Better liver enzyme outcome
  • Improves sluggish Liver
  • Lessen Liver / Gallbladder pain and bloating
  • Lessens & heals gallbladder (attack)
  • Improves digestion (gallbladder removed)
  • Improved bowl movements
  • Hives / Itching / Constipation

Prostate Powder

  • Decrease an enlarged prostate
  • Decrease frequent urination at night
  • Improve Erectile Issues (stronger and faster erections)
  • Improve tubal & urinary obstruction
  • Prevent cancer cell growth

Sperm Motility

  • Boost Libido, Testosterone (governs sperm health)
  • Increase Volume and Motility
  • Improve Sperm Morphology (healthy shape and size)
  • Improve progressive motility of sperm (make them boys swim strong and STRAIGHT)
  • Improve Curvilinear velocity (make them boys swim fast and strong to the finish line- normal = 96.5 mu/sec)
  • Improve viability of soldiers once home run is completed.

Tissue-Bone Healing ointment is used for muscle-tendon-bone healing issues and helps sooth the skin of bug bites