ABout US

We have two Physicians here at Phancore Wellness, LLC

Duong Phan, DC – Certified in Acupuncture

Binh Pham, DOM Acupuncture Physician

Bit and pieces about the doctor at hand. He doesn’t like to talk a lot about himself too much. Quick and to the point- no fluff.

Dr. Duong Phan, DC has a passion to heal people, one patient at a time. He focuses on the individual and their pain symptoms – after all, this is a pain relief clinic. He does this well because he is able to link symptoms to causation.

Dr. Phan works on patients who are hurt in automobile accidents, sports injury, falls, and miscellaneous chronic aches and pain of the body and joints. He is able to do this by combining chiropractic and acupuncture-herbal supplements into one.

Our office combines chiropractic, acupuncture, and herbal supplements to assist our patients into a comfortable level they once were accustomed to or close to it. We don’t make any promises to cure aches and pain or ailments completely and transparency is what we strive to facilitate. As the doctor would put it: “If we have 80% success rate in relieving pain, I’m good with that because we simply can’t achieve 100% pain relief with all persons as I give them my 110% effort”.

The doctor believes in giving back. He regularly gives his time to perform acupuncture free of charge on select weekends to Veterans, Police Officers, Fire Fighters, and church members. He enjoys giving back to community members because it’s a passion of his to give and assist others.