Phancore Wellness “A God Sent”

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April 15, 2022

1. I have been suffering much pain in both of my knees for a very long time, sharp pain along my back muscles (Trapezius), and the pain continued rising through the back of my head (lefthand side) Splenius and Semispinalis.
2. I also had some (personal) men’s health issues and discomfort.
3. I also have long COVID symptoms (shortness of breath).
I heard about Phancore Wellness from my family and friends and decided to telephone Dr Phan at Phancore Wellness and speak with him directly concerning my health issues. I travelled to Pinellas Park, FL USA.
This was several weeks of course/sessions I needed to have in seeing any difference or any improvements in my health. My sessions started on Dec 13 2021, through Feb 16 2022.
(Thank God) I travelled to see and take treatments from Dr Phan.
Today, I have No knee and joint pains, and my Trapezius muscle and head pains are all gone (No Pain). Like it never existed.
Currently, I am now in UK and daily visit my local gym, whereby I have felt much better improvement in my breathing and training regarding shortness of breath.
The fresh herbs for (herbal drinks) prescribed to me are of great freshness and quality. These drinks support one’s healthy immune system in getting better.
The clinic session prices are very competitive too.
If you are tired of taking regular modern medicines, frequent hospital visits and treatments, Visit Phancore Wellness. I highly recommend it, and it delivers excellent patient integrity with a smile.
Thank you so much, Dr Phan
Name: (JP)
Occupation: A Professional Executive
Country: United Kingdom (GB)

Jai Purohit